Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Early Morning

A symphony of birdsong
wakes the sun.
She rises majestically,
chases the shadows
and bathes everything in gold,
as a cool breeze
sweeps through the trees
and makes the leaves clap for joy!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Our Huskies

Upon first light
I free the huskies
With thunderous hooves
they race side by side
Turning with synchronicity
they check the perimeter

They rarely bark
except to talk
in excitement or play
and with authority

They howl like wolves
at Wheel of Fortune
They circle and bump
and rise up on hind legs
wrestling like ferocious bears

They grab ruff
 and pull and shake
looking and sounding
like a death dance

They chase and tag
spurting forth with fuel injection
tuck tail and zag
with precision avoidance

They carry themselves
with beauty and elegance
exuding royalty
With Leo, our lion
holding court
Spring Signs

The mesquite trees are budding out
The wildflowers line the house
The birds have been talking
I heard them whispering of spring
The sky spreads its brilliant blue bonnet
with angel-wing clouds
The sun warms the cats curled in a beam
on the bed
The March lion has laid down its head
and the lamb is now nestled in our valley
at the feet of our mountain
Soon the baby quail will bounce out of their nests
as the steadfast sentry perches
ready to call them home
A whisper of a kiss
on the wings of a dream
left me breathless
waiting for your return
and the promise of a
real kiss

Sunday, October 25, 2015


Pink and blue globes
Released with full hearts
Ascending slowly at first
Into the pure blue sky
Ribbon tails fluttering behind
Lifting our grief
As they float ever higher
They begin to race
And bump together joyously
Like children playing
A lightness envelopes
Peace alights
Upon us

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Love is:

Love is:
the privilege
to carry the seed of life
for 38 weeks
imagining his face
feeling his movements
his hiccups
his kicks
hearing his heartbeat
seeing evidence of his growth
in the expansion of
your middle
Love is:
the excitement
of preparing his place
his crib
his blanket
his clothes
Love is:
the anticipation
of his arrival
his introduction
to his brothers
and sister
Love is:
bestowing him
with Papa's name
to carry his memory
Love is:
the pain
of laying to rest
that child
that arrived without breath
Love is:
the strength
to go on
to live past
the empty space
he left behind
Love is:
the loving arms
and prayers
and thoughts
of friends
and loved ones
who hold you up

Spring Planting

Seeds light as dust
Lifted on a whisper of wind
Carried like chaff
Worth more than gold
Heavy with promise
of Hummingbird visits
Riotous wildflowers
Teased from the soil
Lifted with sunshine
Happy surprise